Launching a boat from The Old Fishing Camp down the road from Kaka Point.

Boat Fishing from Kaka Point

Launching a boat off the beach just down from Kaka Point.

Boat fishing around Kaka Point is very good if you want Blue Cod. I haven't been out on a boat myself because I get sea sick but I have watched them go out for several years now. You can also catch many other species like Trumpeter and Kahawai but most boat fishermen target the Blue Cod. Trailer boats can be launched quite easily off the sheltered sandy beaches from Kaka point onwards as far as the Old Fishing Camp. In the old days quite large commercial boats were winched out of the sea at the Old Fishing Camp.

In the old days groper could be caught inshore and even off the beach but I would imagine you have to travel far and wide and know where the marks are to get groper these days. I'm not a boat fisherman though so all I can say is everybody that goes boat fishing around here seems happy with their catch.

The big event for all the fishermen in this area is the annual Kaka Point Easter Fishing Competition. Anybody can compete off land or sea and that's when all the boats are out in force. So if you are a boat fisherman thinking about booking a weekend at Kaka Point then Easter is the prime time to be here.

If the wind is blowing from the shore (Westerly, Sou'west, Nor'west) then it flattens out the sea and even small boats can be launched straight off the beach practically anywhere between Kaka Point and Nugget Point with some bays being more sheltered than others depending on the wind direction. I have seen fishermen in rubber dinghies and even kayaks launch off the beach in calm offshore winds without any problems at all.

The sea can be unpredictable just as it is all over NZ and does often start out calm but blow up rough in the afternoon. However in Autumn and Winter the wind will often blow off the land for days on end flattening out the sea with very little swell running.